BP oil spill timeline

Follow our step-by-step timeline of the BP oil spill, from the construction of Deepwater Horizon to date

December 1998

Construction begins on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in Ulsan, South Korea, by Hyundai Heavy Industries Shipyard.

February 2001

The rig is delivered and valued at more than $560m.

20 April 2010

Explosion and fire on the BP-licensed Transocean drilling rig Deepwater Horizon, located in the Gulf of Mexico. Eleven people are reported missing and approximately 17 injured. A blowout preventer, intended to prevent release of crude oil, failed to activate.

Deepwater Horizon oil rig fire leaves 11 missing

22 April

Deepwater Horizon rig sinks in 5,000ft of water. Reports of a five-mile-long oil slick. Search-and-rescue operations by the US National Response Team begin.

23 April

The US coast guard suspends the search for missing workers, who are all presumed dead. The rig is found upside down about a quarter-mile from the blowout preventer. A homeland security department risk analysis says the incident "poses a negligible risk to regional oil supply markets and will not cause significant national economic impacts". White House press secretary Robert Gibbs says: "I doubt this is the first accident that has happened and I doubt it will be the last."

Deepwater Horizon clean-up workers fight to prevent disaster

24 April

Oil is found leaking from the well for the first time. A homeland security report on critical infrastructure says the problem has "no near-term impact to regional or national crude oil or natural gas supplies."

25 April

US coast guard remote underwater cameras report the well is leaking 1,000 barrels of crude oil per day (bpd). It approves a plan for remote underwater vehicles to activate a blowout preventer and stop the leak.

Underwater robots try to seal well

26 April

BP's shares fall 2% amid fears that the cost of cleanup and legal claims will hit the London-based company hard. Roughly 15,000 gallons of dispersants and 21,000ft of containment boom are placed at the spill site.

27 April

The US departments of interior and homeland security announce plans for a joint investigation of the explosion and fire.

The coast guard announces it will set fire to the leaking crude to slow the spread of oil in the Gulf.

Oil spill to be set on fire to save US coast

Minerals Management Service (MMS) approves a plan for two relief wells.

The homeland department's infrastructure and risk analysis centre reports: "Release of crude oil, natural gas and diesel fuel poses a high risk of environmental contamination in the Gulf of Mexico."

BP reports a rise in profits, due in large part to oil price increases, as shares rise again.

BP profits jump after oil price rise
In pictures: fire on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig

28 April

The coast guard says the flow of oil is 5,000bpd, five times greater than first estimated, after a third leak is discovered.

Gulf oil spill 'five times' larger than estimated

Controlled burns begin on the giant oil slick.

BP's attempts to repair a hydraulic leak on the blowout preventer valve are unsuccessful.

29 April

President Obama talks about the spill at the White House, his first public comments on the issue. He pledges "every single available resource", including the US military, to contain the spreading spill, and also says BP is responsible for the cleanup.

Louisiana declares a state of emergency due to the threat to the state's natural resources, as the oil slick approaches land.

Deepwater Horizon oil slick to hit US coast within hours
Oil spill approaches Gulf coast, threatening economy and environment
BP's shares plummet as the crisis continues.

30 April

An Obama aide says no drilling will be allowed in new areas until the cause of the Deepwater Horizon accident is established.

US bans new drilling in Gulf of Mexico

The US justice department announces that a team of lawyers is monitoring the spill. Safety inspections of all 30 deepwater drilling rigs and 47 deepwater production platforms are ordered.

BP chairman Tony Hayward says the company will take full responsibility for the spill, paying for all legitimate claims and the cost for the cleanup.

Conservationists warn of impending disaster for wildlife in the area of the spill.

Conservationists warn of 'true catastrophe' for wildlife

Interactive graphic: species under threat

1 May

The coast guard announces the leak will affect the Gulf shore.

2 May

US officials close areas affected by the spill to fishing for an initial period of 10 days.

Obama visits the Gulf coast to see cleanup efforts first hand.

Barack Obama flies to Louisiana as BP's Deepwater Horizon oil spill spreads

BP starts to drill a relief well alongside the failed well.

An additional 30 vessels and 1,000 responders are deployed to the Gulf coast.

BP's efforts to contain the leak

4 May

BP executives face Congress in a closed session, as the White House backs a Senate proposal to increase the limit on liability payouts from $75m to $10bn (£6.5bn) for the cost of a spill.

Deepwater Horizon oil spill sparks calls for $10bn levy on BP and drilling ban

5 May

BP successfully attaches a valve to the end of the broken drilling pipe at the Macondo well in a bid to end the flow of oil into the US Gulf. BP says one of the three leaks has been shut off by capping a valve, but that would not reduce the amount of oil gushing out. Officials conduct controlled burns to remove oil from the open water.

BP stems one of three Deepwater Horizon oil leaks, US coast guard says

The White House attempts to limit the political fallout by documenting actions taken since the leak began.

Obama attempts to limit political fallout
In pictures: Deepwater Horizon oil spill closes in on US coastline

6 May

BP confirms the arrival of three huge containment domes designed to collect much of the 5,000bpd leaking into the US Gulf from the Macondo blowout.

Containment dome reaches Gulf oil spill scene

The department of justice asks Transocean to preserve evidence in connection with the explosion and sinking of the rig.

Toxic pink oily seawater washes ashore on the Chandeleur Islands off the Louisiana coast, an important nesting and breeding area for many bird species.

Hayward tells the BBC that the blowout preventer owned by Transocean was at fault for the leak. BP, he said, "will be judged not on the basis of an accident that, you know, frankly was not our accident".

Analysts put the cost of the spill for BP at £15bn.

BP 'facing £15bn loss' over Gulf of Mexico oil spill

7 May

BP engineers use undersea robots to move the containment chamber over the larger of the two remaining leaks on the seabed. This containment method has never before been attempted at such a depth.

Efforts to close valves on a failed blowout preventer with underwater robots are abandoned.

Deepwater team attempts to put 100-tonne box over blown-out oil well
Video recreation of cofferdam method

A fishing ban for federal waters off the Gulf is extended to 17 May.

8 May

BP's containment dome hits a snag when a buildup of crystallised gas forces engineers to postpone efforts to place the chamber over the oil leak and draw the oil to the surface.

Quick fix dashed as BP tower fails to contain oil

A BP report blames the explosion on a methane bubble.

Blast triggered by methane bubble, report shows

Tar balls suspected to come from the leak wash up along a half-mile stretch of Dauphin Island, Alabama.

9 May

BP says it might try to plug the undersea leak by pumping materials such as shredded tyres and golf balls into the well at high pressure, a method called a "junk shot".

Plugging the leak

10 May

BP announces plans to place a small containment dome, known as a "top hat", over the blown-out well to funnel oil to the surface, as Hayward holds a press conference.

BP press conference live

11 May

At a hearing before the Senate committee on energy and natural resources, representatives of the three oil companies involved in the Deepwater drilling blame each other for the accident. Halliburton, which cemented BP's well, claims to have met BP's stated requirements for the task and cites the failure of Transocean's blowout preventer. Transocean's CEO says the blowout preventer was successfully tested a week before the accident; he also blames BP and Halliburton for the inadequate cementing believed to have led to the explosion. BP's president says that Transocean, as owner/operator of the drilling rig, is responsible for safety.

Gulf oil spill hearing - as it happened

12 May

After the failure of the four-storey-high dome to draw oil from the major leak, BP lowers a five-foot-high dome to attempt to cover the smaller leak.

The congressional hearing is told BP, Halliburton and Transocean ignored safety warnings in the hours before the Deepwater explosion.

Firms ignored warning signs before blast, inquiry hears

13 May

Steve Wereley, a researcher at Purdue University, tells the press he believes the well is leaking 70,000 bpd.

BP releases underwater footage of the effort to stem the leak.

First underwater video footage of oil leak

The New York Times reports that "a half-dozen current and former agency scientists" for the Minerals Management Service (MMS) claim they were "regularly pressured by agency officials to change the findings of their internal studies if they predicted that an accident was likely to occur or if wildlife might be harmed". The article states that the MMS has allowed hundreds of drilling projects without obtaining legally required permits.

US said to allow drilling without needed permits

14 May

BP plans to insert a 4in-tube into the ruptured 21in riser pipe that would take the oil to the surface. If that fails, they will use the small containment dome that has already been lowered. Both methods are intended to reduce, not to stop, the leak.

BP using undersea robots to try to plug Gulf oil leak

BP boss admits job on the line over Gulf oil spill

Obama complains: "I did not appreciate what I considered to be a ridiculous spectacle during the congressional hearings into this matter. You had executives of BP and Transocean and Halliburton falling over each other to point the finger of blame at somebody else … it is pretty clear that the system failed, and it failed badly."

16 May

The tube begins to draw oil to the surface. The volume of oil travelling through the tube is gradually increased to avoid the hydrate formation that doomed the large containment dome.

Submerged oil plumes suggest gulf spill is worse than BP claims

18 May

Obama plans to establish an independent commission to investigate the oil leak, according to an anonymous administration official.

As the spill continues to spread, the no fishing zone is doubled to 19% of the Gulf waters.

Atlantic coast now under threat as current spreads Gulf oil slick

20 May

BP reports that the amount of oil drawn off by the tube has increased to 5,000 bpd. Given that BP had previously estimated the entire leak at 5,000 bpd and the tube only draws off a fraction of the spill, the leak must be much larger than previously estimated.

Experts testifying at the congressional hearing put the figure at 20,000-100,000 barrels per day.

How big is the slick from BP's Deepwater Horizon?

24 May

The tube inserted into the leaking pipe captures much less oil than expected.

BP admits Deepwater rescue is capturing less oil

26 May

BP pumps thousands of barrels of mud into the well in an attempt to plug the leak. The process, known as top kill, fails to overcome the flow of oil.

A White House leak shows Obama ended a briefing with the terse command: "Plug the damn hole."

White House leak reveals Barack Obama's reaction to news of oil spill

30 May

Hayward causes outrage after telling reporters, "There's no one who wants this over more than I do. I would like my life back."

BP's clumsy response to oil spill threatens to make a bad situation worse

1 June

US launches a criminal investigation into the oil spill.

BP could face ban as US launches criminal investigation

2 June

Titanic director James Cameron assists the clean-up process.

James Cameron enters fight against oil spill

3 June

BP begins an advertising campaign in the US aimed at boosting opinion. Hayward features in the first.

America's toughest job: fronting BP's television commercials

BP faces political flack over its decision to pay out more than $10bn (£6.8bn) in dividends to shareholders, despite the deepening crisis.

BP to go ahead with $10bn shareholder payout

4 June

Attempts to place a cap over the valves that were meant to prevent the rig from leaking show signs of success.

BP shares top risers as engineers assess latest oil spill operation

6 June

BP announces the containment cap is capturing 10,000 barrels of oil a day; approximately half the total amount being leaked.

BP capturing '10,000 barrels of oil' a day from Gulf of Mexico

7 June

The widows of two of the oil rig workers give testimony before a congressional committee.

Deepwater Horizon widow asks: how do I tell my children their father is dead?

8 June

In an interview on NBC Obama says he would have sacked BP's chief executive if he had been working for him.

'If he was working for me I'd sack him' – Obama turns up heat on BP boss

11 June

David Cameron calls BP's chairman, Carl-Henric Svanberg, to a meeting at Downing Street to discuss the oil disaster.

David Cameron caught between Tory right and Obama

12 June

Scientists double their estimate of the scale of the spill to 40,000 barrels a day.

Scale of BP oil leak revised up to 40,000 barrels a day

14 June

Obama compares the BP oil spill to 9/11.

Barack Obama compares oil spill to 9/11

15 June

Fitch ratings agency cuts BP's credit rating as the cost of the spill continues to escalate.

BP credit rating slashed as oil spill costs mount

16 June

BP agrees to a $20bn (£13.5bn) downpayment towards compensation for victims of the oil spill.

Barack Obama's pound of flesh: $20bn compensation and no BP dividends

Actor Kevin Costner provides the clean-up operation with oil-water separation machines he developed with his brother.

Kevin Costner's oil-water separation machines help with clean-up

17 June

Hayward is accused by members of the US Congress of "stonewalling" after failing to answer a series of questions about the spill's causes.

Tony Hayward stonewalls Congress

18 June

BP's credit rating is downgraded by Moody's after expressing concern at the escalating cost of the cleanup and the potential cost of litigation claims.

BP credit rating downgraded after Tony Hayward's grilling by Congress

19 June

One of BP's partners, Anadarko Petroleum, refuses to accept any responsibility for the Deepwater Horizon explosion despite owning a quarter of the well. Its chief executive, Jim Hackett, says BP's actions probably amounted to "gross negligence or wilful misconduct".

BP oil spill caused by 'negligence or misconduct', says drilling partner

20 June

Photographs of Hayward attending a yacht race on the Isle of Wight with his son cause anger in the US.

BP chief's weekend sailing trip stokes anger at oil company

21 June

A Deepwater Horizon worker claims that the oil rig was leaking several weeks before it exploded.

Deepwater Horizon worker claims oil rig leaking weeks before explosion

22 June

Hayward fails to make an appearance at a gathering of the oil industry on the same day that control of the oil disaster passes to American Bob Dudley. Greenpeace protesters storm the stage during his replacement's speech.

BP's beleaguered Tony Hayward disappears from view

Protesters disrupt BP speech as Tony Hayward pulls out

23 June

An accident puts BP's oil cap out of action, allowing oil to flow unhindered for several hours.

Gulf oil spill flow increases after accident forces BP to remove cap

25 June

BP shares hit a 14-year low of 304p after the clean-up bill reaches $2.35bn.

BP share slide as oil spill bill climbs to $2.35bn

28 June

Russia's top energy official says he expects Hayward to step down soon. BP denies he is close to resigning.

Tony Hayward set to step down, Russian official claims

The Guardian publishes a letter from 171 artists, critics and writers complaining about BP's sponsorship of Tate Britain.

Curators, crude oil and an outdated cultural mix

Protesters disrupt Tate Britain's party celebrating 10 years of BP sponsorship, throwing molasses over the steps of the gallery.

Art activists take on the Tate crowd over BP

30 June

Hurricane Alex causes heavy seas, disrupting BP's clean-up efforts.

First hurricane of season hits BP oil spill clean-up

5 July

BP announces the cost of the oil spill has now risen to over $3bn. The company asks its partners, Anadarko and Mitsui Oil Exploration, to contribute almost $400m.

BP asks oil spill partners to pay $400m

6 July

BP's share price rises as speculation mounts that the company is looking for international investors.

BP shares rise on hopes of international rescue


파코즈 하드웨어 김현기님의 해석본

1998. 4 울산 현대중공업에서 석유시추선 Deepwater Horizon 호 건조.

2001. 2
Deepwater Horizon 호가 5억 6천만불에 인도됨.

2010. 4.20
+BP가 Transocean사에서 석유시추선 Deepwater Horizon호를 임대하여  멕시코만에서 작업 중 폭발화재 발생.
+11명 실종, 17명 부상. 원유유출을 막는 장치 고장.  

+Deepwater Horizon호 5000ft 심해로 침몰.
+5마일 가량 길이의 원유띠가 보고됨. 미국국립구조대 출동.

+미국 해안경비대가 실종자가 이미 사망한 것으로 보고 수색작업 중단.
+시추선은 원유유출방지 장치1/4마일 떨어진  (심해저에서) 곳에서 뒤집어진 채로 발견되다.
+국토안보국에서는 원유시장과 미국경제에 별 다른 영향을 끼치지 않을 것으로 말함. 백악관 로버트 깁스는 예전부터 종종 있었던 사고였으며 곧 해결될 것이라고 말함.

+처음으로 심해저에서 원유유출이 확인됨. 국토안전부는 원유 및 가스수급에 단기적으로 큰영향이 없을 것으로 보고.

+해안경비대가 원격카메라를 하루 1000배럴의 원유유출되고 있음을 확인함. 무인심해잠수정으로 원유유출방지장치를 기동시키려는 계획이 승인됨.

+BP 주가가 2% 하락. 오염방제비용 및 소송에 대한 우려 때문임.
+약 15,000 갤론의 유화제와 21,000ft 길이의 차단막이 사고유역에 투입됨.

+사고에 대한 미국 내무부와 국토안전부 합동조사 하기로 함.
+해안경비대가 유출원유를 태워버리기로 함.
+자원관리국에서 유출을 완화시키는 2개의 유정을 더 뚫는 것을 승인함.
+국토안전부에서 유출된 원유, 천연가스, 경유 등이 멕시코만 일대에  심각한 사준의 환경오염을 일으킬 것을 우려.

+3번째 유출구가 확인된 이후 해안 경비대에서 유출량이 처음 예측치의 다섯배인 하루 5,000배럴로 정정.
+BP의 유출방지장치의 유압밸브를 수리하려는 시도가 실패.

+Obama 대통령이 원유유출에 대해서 처음으로 공식 언급.군부대를 포함한 모든 수단방법을 동원할 것이며 BP의 책임을 언급.
+기름띠가 육지로 다가옴에 따라서 루이지애나는 주 비상사태 선포.

+Obama 대통령이  Deepwater Horizon 사건이 해결될때까지 멕시코만에서 새로운 유정착공을 금지.
+미국 법무부는 유출을 감시하는 일단의 법무팀 구성.  30개의 시추선과 47개의 심해원유생산시설에 대한 안전진단 실시 명령.
+BP 사장 Tony Hayward 는  회사가 모든 책임을 지겠다고 말함.
+환경운동가들은 생태계 파괴 경고.

+해안경비대가 기름띠가 걸프만 해안지역에 영향 미칠 것이라고 알림.

+기름띠에 영향받는 해안지역을 약 10일간 폐쇄 결정.
+Obama 대통령이 멕시코만 해안지역 방문.
+BP에서 유출구멍 옆에 새로운 유정을 뚫기 시작함.
+30척의 배와 1000명의 인력 파견됨.

+원유유출에 대한 책임액수를 100억달러까지 올리는 법안이 상정되고  백악관의 지지를 받자,  BP 고위관계자들이 미의회와 대면하게 됨.

+BP가 3개의 유출구 중 하나를 봉인함. 하지만 전체 유출량에는 변화가 없을 것이라고 함.
+유출원유 확산을 막기 위해서 인위적으로 불을 지름.
+백악관이 정치적으로 파급되는 것을 막기 위해서  유출사고 이후 취했던 조치에 대한 서류작업을 실시함.

+BP가 하루 5,000배럴의 유출원유를 쓸어담을 3대의 거대한 유조선의 도착을 알림.
+미국 법무부가 Transocean사로 하여금 폭발과 침몰과 연관된 각종 증거들을 보존할 것을 요구.
+오염된 해수들이 각종 조류들의 보금자리인 루이지아나 주 해변의 챈들러섬을 둘러쌈.
+BP CEO인 Tony Hayward는 BBC 인터뷰에서 Transocean사 책임의 유출방지장치로 사고원인을 돌리며
  BP가 책임이 없음을 강조.

+BP엔지니어들이 2개의 유출구 중 하나에 잠수정을 이용하여 유출원유를 가두는 설비를 (100톤가량의 방모양의 설비) 설치하려 함. 이런 방법은  이전에는 이런 깊이에서 한번도 시도되지 않았음. 밸브를 잠그려는 방법은 포기됨.  
+어업중단 조치는 5/17까지 연장됨.

+고체화된 천연가스가 쌓이면서 실시계획을 연기하게 됨.
+BP는 메탄가스 폭발 탓을 함.
+원유구가 알라바마 주에서도 발견됨.

+BP가 유출구를 타이어조각, 골프공 등을 쏟아부어서 유출구를 봉인하기로 함. 일명 junk shot.

+BP가 유출구에 돔모양의 설비를 설치해서 유출된 원유를 퍼올리는 이른바 top hat 방식을 계획함.

+상원의 자원위원회 주관 청문회에 참석하기에 앞서서 이번 사건에 연관된 세 회사의 대변인이 서로에게 책임을 전가하며 설전.
+BP의 이번 유정작업의 파트너인 Halliburton사는 동회사가 BP의 모든 요구조건을 충족시켜 왔으며 Transocean사의 유출방지장치에 문제가 있었다고 말함. 한편 Transoean사의 CEO는 유출방지장치는 사고 일주일전 테스트에서 아무런 문제가 없었으며 오히려 BP와 Halliburton의 부적합한 유착이 폭발로 이어졌다고 말함. BP는 Transocean사의 시추선에 책임이 있다고 말함.

+4층짜리 높이의 돔모양 구조물이 가장 많은 양의 원유가 나오고 있는 유출구를 막는데 실패하고 나서, 그보다 작은 유출구에  5피트짜리 돔모양의 구조물을 내려뜨림.
+상원청문회에서  폭발사고 이전에 세회사의 안전규정 무시가 지적됨.

+퍼듀대학의 Steve Wereley 교수가 하루 유출량이 70,000배럴에 이를 것으로 추산.
+BP에서 심해 카메라 설치.
+뉴욕타임즈가 자원관리국 소속 전현직 과학자들이 생태계에 위협을 주거나 사고위험가능성이 있는 연구를 할 경우 이를 수정하도록 압력을 받았다는 내용을 폭로함. 이 기사에 따르면 자원관리국은 법규정을 무시한 각종 개발계획을 허용하고 있음.

+BP가 파열된  21인치 원유파이프에 4인치 튜브를 집어넣어서 원유를 빨아들이려는 계획을 세움. 이 방법이 실패할 경우 이미 내려가 있는 작은 돔모양이ㅡ 구조물을 사용할 것임.  두 방법 모두 유출을 근본적으로 멈추게 하지는 못하지만 줄일 수는 있음.
+BP 사장 Tony Hayward가 현장지휘를 맡음.
+Obama대통령이 불만을 쏟아놓음. "I did not appreciate what I considered to be a ridiculous spectacle during the congressional hearings into this matter. You had executives of BP and Transocean and Halliburton falling over each other to point the finger of blame at somebody else … it is pretty clear that the system failed, and it failed badly."

+4인치 튜브가 원유를 빨아올리기 시작함.  돔구조물 설치를 막았던 메탄고체물의 형성을 막기 위해서 점차 흡입 원유량을 늘임.
+심해에 형성된 기름기둥으로부터 유출원유량이 BP 추산의 원유유출량 보다 훨씬 많을 것으로 추산.

+Obama 대통령이 독자적인 원유유출 조사작업을 진행하기로 함.
+원유유출이 확산됨에 따라서 어업금지 지역이 멕시코만 19%로 확장됨.

+BP 가 일전에 설치한 4인치 튜브를 통해서 하루에 5,000배럴의 원유를 끌어올림.
+이로써 일전에 BP가 추산한 하루 유출량 5,000배럴이 터무니 없는 수치임이 알려짐. 20,000배럴에서 100,000배럴로 추산함.

+튜브에서 빨아들인 원유가 예상치 보다 적다고 BP가 발표.

+BP가 수천배럴의 진흙을 유출구에 투입해서 구멍을 막으려고 했으나 실패.(top kill)
+Obama 대통령이 "Plug the damn hole" 거칠게 언급한 발언이 유출됨.

+BP의 CEO Tony Hayward의 언론 인터뷰가 공분을 사다.
  "나야 말로 이 일이 빨리 끝났으면 하는 사람이오. 빨리 일상으로 돌아가고 싶소이다."

+유출에 대한 형사사건조사가 시작되다.

+영화 타이타닉의 감독 제임즈 카메론이 정화작업에 나서다.

+BP가 전미국에서 여론조성을 위한 광고를 시작하다.
+BP가 100억달러 이상의 분납배상을 하기로 결정함에 따라서 주주로부터 거센 질타를 받다.

+유출구 위에 캡을 씌우는 방법이 어느 정도 성공한 것으로 보이다.+

+유출구 위의 캡이 하루 약 10,000배럴의 원유를 거둔다고 BP가 발표하다. 이 말은 유출원유의 절반은 계속 유출된다는 것이다.

+이번 사고로 사망한 두명의 작업자의 미망인이 의회 위원회 참석에 앞서서 선서하다.

+NBC인터뷰에서 Obama 대통령은 BP CEO가 자기 밑에 있었다면 당장 해고했을 것이라고 말함.

+영국신임수상   David Cameron 이 BP의 CEO인 Carl-Henric Svanberg 과 이번 사고에 관해서 면담.

+과학자들이 하루 유출량을 20,000배럴에서 40,000배럴로 2배로 추산함.

+Obama 대통령이 이번 사고를 911에 비교함.

+원유유출이 지속됨에 따라서 신용평가사 Fitch사가 BP 등급을 낮춤.

+BP가 200억 달러의 배상책임을 인정.
+배우 캐빈 코스터너가 자신의 형과 같이 개발한 오염정화장치를 제공.

+BP의 사장인 Tony Hayward가 무성의한 대답으로 인해서 의사진행방해죄로 고발됨.

+신용평가사 Moody's사가 BP의 신용등급을 하향시킴.  

+BP의 협력사이자 이번 사고원유정의 1/4 지분 소유자인 Anadarko Petroleum 사가 이번 사건에 대한 어떠한 책임도 지지 않겠다고 선언. CEO인 Jim Hackett이  이번 사고는 BP의 태만이나 의도적인 부주의 탓이라고 말함.

+BP의 사장인 Tony Hayward이 아들과 함께 요트경기에 참석하고 있는 사진이 미국민의 공분을 사다.

+심해원유시추선 Deepwater Horizon호에서 근무했던 한 근로자가 원유유출이 폭발사고 수주 전부터 이미 일어나고 있었다고 폭로함.

+멕시코만 현장지휘책임이 BP의 Tony Hayward에게서 미국인 Bob Dudley에게 넘어감.
이임식에서 그린피스의 격렬한 저항 때문에 참석 못함.

+유출방지캡에서 일어난 사고로 수시간 동안 원유유출을 막지 못하는 사고가 발생.

+유출방지에 들어간 액수가 235억 달러에 달함에 따라 BP의 주가가 14년 이래로 최저치로 떨어짐.

+러시아의 에너지장관이 Tony Hayward가 BP의 회장직에서 내려올 것이라고 전망하나 BP는 부정함.
+가디언지에 BP가 Tate Britain 미술관을 후원하는 것을 비난하는 일단의 171명의 예술가, 비평가,   작가들의 편지를 공개.


  1. 깜보네 2010.07.07 16:43 신고

    참 큰일인데 이넘의 나라는 대통령 안경바뀐건 대문짝만하게 뉴스보도하면서 멕시코만사건은 간단하게 패쓰...
    그나저나 이래저래 뭔가 이상한....

    • JakeOh 2010.07.07 17:24 신고

      2년은 나올꺼라고 하더구량....대략 "그리고 지구는 멸망햇다" 정도...-,.-

  2. 깜보네 2010.07.07 16:44 신고

    근데 디뻐햏블러그는 나만 놀러오는거냐능?
    주변에 오덕후정도의 내공인은 좀 있을꺼같은데......

    • JakeOh 2010.07.07 17:24 신고

      대략 홍보질을 안해서리...하루 평균 10여명..유입경로보니..햏블로그에서 링크타고 오신분들이 1위구량..-,.-

    • 깜보네 2010.07.08 18:21 신고

      그럼 나는 디뻐햏의 홍보대사냐능...
      사은품가튼거 없냐옹????

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